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I’m Penny and I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. Growing up I was surrounded by music and dance. At 18, I became a professional singer/songwriter and worked extensively on television. At 30, I decided to move to TV production; and working my way up, I became a director & producer for CBC & CTV. When reality TV came to stay, I left!

I tried retirement for about 30 seconds (wasn’t for me) and eventually fell into my current passion of the “one-of-a-kind” experience. My music, drama, wardrobe, fashionstageset background introduced me to the whole process of selling people cool clothes, neat surroundings, and a very personal shopping adventure.

I opened Penelope’s in 2011. 2019 saw the addition of LuLu Healy to the team. She gives the shop a fresh and elegant perspective, and together we make Penelope’s a  “go-to” boutique!

Our guests can find everything from Current to Vintage Fashions in clothes, shoes, accessories & that extra special treasure!

A “Gents Corner” with coffee (gratis), a variety of magazines, and free parking on both sides of the street gives YOU the customer a truly unique relationship with us.

Penny & LuLu