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Is your closet taking over your bedroom?

Clear out your gently used clothes and bring them to Penelope’s!

Here’s how to become a valued consignor:

Select your IN-SEASON clothes. Make sure everything is freshly cleaned and pressed. Hanging will keep it neat (we will give you your hangers back). The better it looks, the more you’ll make!

We sell only IN-STYLE or classic designs. If you bought it new within the last year or two, it’s probably fine (obviously, vintage does not apply). We also consider accessories: shoes, purses, hats, jewelry. Please make an appointment for each visit, so we can set aside time just for you.   

Penelope’s sets the selling price. For the first 2 months that we display your items you will receive 40% of the selling price. The selling price may be reduced as the 2 month period progresses. Occasionally there might be an item that we keep past the 2 month period, after this time you will receive 20% of the selling price. We will keep Vintage items for 1 year, occasionally we will keep some pieces longer, in that case you would receive 20% of the selling price. It is important for you to understand that unsold items will be donated at the end of the period. The remaining items will be donated to a number of local charities including Family Services, Salvation Army (they do not sell the clothes), Adsum House & Dress for Success. Some exceptions may apply, for example we may keep very high-end items (like Chanel, Prada, etc.) for 6 months and then return them at the end of the period.

Stop in any time for the MONEY YOU’VE MADE - up to $50.00.  Checks are issued for amounts over $50.00. After 8 months, dormant accounts expire.

         Penelope’s…. Where your quality clothing is treated with the love it deserves.

Thank you for your patronage!